The season of mellow mists and homicide

I don't know why but there's something about the month of October that leads the mind to murder. Maybe it's Halloween lurking up on the 31st. Or maybe it's the way the shops already have Christmas items in that encourages murderous feelings towards the shopkeepers.

Whatever, I always get a surge in purchases this month from the Organizing a Murder website - not an online hit squad agency, but a website with information on mystery party games.

To celebrate this descent into darkness I'm offering a free copy of either Organizing a Murder - my ebook containing 12 mysteries (not all murders, in fact), with a rather different twist that they're not role playing and can be run in teams or with individuals, or of my role playing mystery game Transatlantic Tragedy for eight players (click the links to find out more about them).

All you have to do is add a comment below with your suggestion for a new mystery game plot. It can be a one-liner or in detail, but I'm looking for something original and fun (ghoulish fun is fine). Next Monday (12th) around 12 noon GMT, I will select the best and the winner can choose which prize they'd like to receive.

Time to think nasty...


  1. john stanley son of sheila flynn6 October 2009 at 16:25

    Are you related to the Brian Clegg who used to live on king st. east Rochdale in the 30,s/40,s?

  2. No, sorry, I do come from Rochdale, but my family lived in Smallbridge/Littleborough, and I don't know of any previous Cleggs in my family called Brian.

    Come on the rest of you, where are those plots? Doesn't have to be complicated - just a one liner will do.


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