Quantum Entanglement?

I was asked to go on the BBC Radio 4 today programme the other day to talk about the Chinese quantum entanglement satellite (you can hear the interview here) - a number of people said it was interesting, but they really didn't get the whole entanglement thing.

I thought it would be worth sharing part of the first chapter of my book The God Effect below. Incidentally, I also get curiosity about that title (which has done the book no harm). It has a rather obscure heritage. When physicist Leon Lederman wanted to write a book about the search for the Higgs boson, he wanted to call it The Goddam Particle, as the Higgs was so elusive. The publishers wouldn't let him, so they compromised on The God Particle. I justify the book's title because at the time was there some talk about entanglements between Higgs bosons and other particles. But in reality it was because entanglement is - in Einstein's words - spooky. I think it has a certain ring.

Here's the extract:

The pheno…

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