Mirror world

I was driving along yesterday and saw a flag fluttering in the breeze by a motorcycle garage. It looked like the picture here.

'Ooh, I've never heard of that make of motorbikes,' I thought. Then I realized that I was looking at the flag from the back, and the logo was perfectly readible, without any sign of being strange, in mirrored fashion.

It made me wonder how many other signs can take a mirror translation and still appear normal. When I worked at BA I used to regularly walk past a manhole cover with the initials MH on it - but I was never sure if it really was MH or HW, depending on which way up you were supposed to read it.

Excuse me, I'm just off to play a little tune on our Ahamay Clavinova...


  1. What made you keep your eyes on the ground when all the interesting things were flying overhead?

    I think you've written somewhere else that contrarian thinking is at the root of most creativity, which is why most people don't/won't/can't do it.

  2. I think my eyes were on the ground mostly to avoid tripping over things. But I did look up as well.


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