Hear a real writer/scientist speak

In an age of relaxing in front of the TV, we sometimes forget there's a big world out there. I just wanted to draw attention to the events listing page at www.popularscience.co.uk - this page on the popular science book review site is dedicated to public talks given by science writers and scientists.

I confess I have a personal interest. Apart from the fact that I edit the website, I have got a couple of my talks listed there. But apart from me, expounding on the murdering pioneer of moving pictures, infinity and ecologic, you will also come across a professor from Arizona State University on exterrestrial life, an Oxford professor on the realities of nuclear power, a superb writer on the science of music, a TV scientist on weird inventions and more.

About half the events are in London, but you'll also find talks going on in Oxford, Hove, Norwich, Bolton and Moulton, so quite a spread across the country.

Go on, give your brain a treat. Let it have an outing and explore the universe.