I hate plumbing

No, really, I hate plumbing. It is horrible. I don't mind electrics - wires don't leak. But plumbing seems designed to find ways for water to get out and cause disasters.

About a week ago one of our daughters' friends was in the shower at our house... and water started coming through the ceiling below. After getting a plumber out (luckily on a maintenance contract, so no callout), it turns out the pipes are fine, but there are cracks in the grout that the water was getting through.

One week later, the same friend is round. Scared to use the shower, she uses a bath... and water started coming through the ceiling below. Rapid ripping of the front off the bath showed that the water was coming from the control for the bath plug, which had come loose, allowing water running down the bath side from a showerhead to escape.

Arggh. So two lessons. One, avoid plumbing if at all possible. Wash in a river. Two, if you want your plumbing tested, we can recommend someone to come round...


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