Oberland - new fantasy thriller

Although my main business is writing science books, I've always enjoyed writing fiction and I've recently had the chance to revisit a title I made a first draft of about 30 years ago. It's now finished and available (if you use Kindle, you can get a copy free of charge if you download it by Friday 5 October 2018 at the latest - see Kindle links here).

Called Oberland, the book is set in the Swiss alps, centring on the beautiful Lauterbrunnen valley. I wrote parts of that first draft while on holiday there, so the locations were still very fresh in my mind.

In the story, when English twenty-something Jo Fuller takes a summer job on a campsite in the Swiss alpine valley of Lauterbrunnen, she does not expect her whole understanding of the world to be turned upside down. A camper dies in suspicious circumstances. With three broken individuals - Bob from America, Paula from Australia and Werner from Germany - Jo discovers a strange alternative world at the top of the Schilthorn mountain.

Each of the four faces death at the hands of the inhabitants of the alternate world, intent on preserving their secret. But Bob has something that may keep them alive. Amongst the beautiful Swiss mountains, each must face up to their fears and survive. This fast-paced fantasy thriller leaves Jo, Bob, Paula and Werner unsure who to trust as they attempt to uncover the secret of the mountain before it is too late.

It was a lot of fun writing it - I hope it's just as enjoyable to read.

You can find more details and links to buy either the paperback version (direct from me, or from Amazon), plus the Kindle ebook on this web page.