Clegg Hall revisited

A while ago I blogged about Clegg Hall near Littleborough, where I grew up. All my lifetime it has been a ruin, a sad remnant of what it once was. When I was young I fantasized about making my fortune and one day coming back to restore it. The 'before' photo to the right here is what it looked like in 1999.

Thanks to Nick Pickvance for sending me photos including the one below of the hall in its shiny new 2009 state - remarkably, someone really has restored a building that has been abandoned for decades. It does look rather splendid, though it has lost a couple of its best architectural features - and there still seems to be a row of weavers' cottages right next to it - though given the history of the area, this isn't inappropriate.

So I raise a virtual glass in honour of whoever undertook this remarkable effort.

You can find more about Clegg Hall, its history and its boggart in this article.


  1. Although I have not lived in the area for many years, from childhood walks I remember Clegg Hall as an eerie ruin: what a wonderful restoration this appears to be!

  2. Hi, I completely rebuilt clegghall between 2005 and 2008 at accost of 1 million, due to the recession I realised less than half that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also saved Healeyhall in Rochdale between 2000 and 2004.again a loss of half a million pounds, !!!!! Both restorations are on or
    I am currently looking for another project??? if any body knows of ahall that needs saving!!!!!! I prefer a stately home this time.
    regards Jason Stead


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