Of no fixed abode

Please excuse the skeletal nature of my blogging at the moment. We are still between houses, so existing on mobile internet, and the occasional opportunity to have the luxury of using a friend's internet connection. Mobile broadband is a great idea, but it's not much faster than dialup... and that's something I have no nostalgia for whatsoever.

The great news is that we will be moving into our new house tomorrow, but don't get a landline until the following Tuesday, and probably several more days to switch the broadband. Until then, things will remain sketchy. I really don't think I could have survived without the iPhone's internet capabilities. Another pat on the back for that most favourite of toys.


  1. Glad you're still hanging on in there, Brian. I feel your pain - when we moved to Cromer decent connectivity was an issue for nearly a year. Me and Mrs Crox can live without most things, but lack of connectivity makes me want to dribble and chew the carpet, and Mrs Crox goes around in floods of tears as if recently bereaved. Good luck with the big move.

  2. Where are you? Is this an excuse to decamp to somewhere more exotic whilst maintaining a pretence that you're just down the road? Or are the forces of the summer and the efficiency of the telco system combining to provide a study in what not to do to get our Great British Blogger back into the blogosphere?

    All news please on a postcard preferably with photo of your new abode..

  3. I was reading Time.com's top ten stories for the week and came across an interview you did. I was fascinated by your remarks about the "big bang" theory and black holes. I am an amateur astronomer and I love the sciences. I have been following the Genome project for years, and it's scary. I have absolute faith that man will abuse this technology and ultimately destroy all human life as we know it on this planet. I am glad I found the article and will check out your books as well.

  4. Thanks, Thelma - I hope you find the books interesting!


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