Look, Mum, that's me!

As an author, I am yet to be blasé about getting a book published. It’s always very special when you get a copy of one of your books in your hands or see one on the shelf in a bookshop, or even see someone reading a copy on the train. I’ve never actually done this last, but a friend of mine has seen someone reading Infinity this way. The temptation – should you make yourself known? I think I would ask first what they thought of it before announcing this.

But that’s not the point of this post. I’ve just experienced a related experience, but one that’s almost as thrilling. I was reading for a review a book called Chasing the Sun by Richard Cohen. I’m not allowed to tell you what it’s like as it’s embargoed until 1st November. I was pootling along, as you do, when suddenly I saw my name in the text, casually referenced as if everyone should know who Brian Clegg is. It was just introducing a quote from one of my books (Light Years), but I have to confess it really was an exciting moment.

I think I’ll go and have a cold shower now. Maybe I should get out more.