Nibbling the guilt-free way

I used to be very restrained when it came to naughty nibbling. (Things like biscuits, I mean. Good grief.) But I have to confess I had sunk into a bit of bad habit. I felt, after I'd walked the dog, I needed a biscuit or three with my coffee just to get my energy back. And then when it came to my afternoon coffee, well, everyone knows you get low energy in the afternoon... so out came the biscuits again.

I may have found a partial solution - there's a company called that sends little boxes of relatively healthy nibblables through the post. It's a cunning scheme. They supply about 100 different products, of which your box will contain four. You can filter this online, knocking out the ones you don't like, though I left it as open as possible to start with. These range from straight forward things like nuts and dried fruit to interesting chocolate coated goodies and mini flavoured breads.

Our first box has definitely been a success. Admittedly there was one item everyone hated (wasabi peas) - but even these were a success as the girls have taken them to school to get their friends to try them and see their faces. Even more of a success because it's free. If you enter this code: W8HJ87RN at into the offers/code thingy on the form you get your first box free and the second one half price. After that it's £3.49 a pop. We've done some feedback on the first offering and await the second with interest. We even got excited about the packaging, which is brilliant.

I don't think it will 100 percent replace the biscuits, but it certainly helps. Tuesdays (you can choose which day your box arrives, but it can't be Mondays if you want the chance of bread) will never be the same again.

My thanks to Kate Grant for pointing out the existence of