Inflight Science making a Discovery

Even those who knock the BBC (take note, Dr G. of Cromer) would acknowledge that the World Service is a good thing. In fact, I gather quite a few people in the UK are surprised to discover that they are, indeed, part of the world and can listen to it.

I'm delighted to say that the World Service's flagship science programme, Discovery has dedicated a show to Inflight Science. During this week (commencing 9 May) you can hear it live most days, or play it using the Listen Again facility - but don't worry if you come to this later, as it is also available as a podcast either by clicking that link or through iTunes.

Here's their bumf:
Physicist and science writer Brian Clegg guides Jon Stewart on a journey though the science of aeroplane flight. The whole experience of flying is filled with scientific discoveries – starting with how huge, heavy jumbo jets manage to get off the ground, how they navigate and why, unlike in Hollywood movies, it’s practically impossible to open the door mid flight?


  1. Woo hoo! fantastic! btw, did I tell you I bought myself a copy of the ebook, forgot, and then bought a paperback version? How's that for support? :-)

  2. Thanks, Sue! I think everyone should by both, just on principle. (The principle being I make more money. Rubs hands and cackles a la Mr Burns.)

  3. It probably also says something deep and meaningful about ebooks that I may have to blog about. Would you ever do that with a paper book? I've bought the same book again by accident many years later, but not within a few weeks...


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