It's too soon

A Christmas tree (not this year) plus reindeer substitute
I can't say I'm overwhelmed by the way people seem to be decorating their houses earlier and earlier for Christmas. I must admit I'm extreme. Given a free hand I wouldn't put anything up until a week before, but I have to give way to family pressure and go for a fortnight before. However I was quite surprised how many Christmas decorations I saw on houses in November.

It's not that I'm against Christmas jolity. And I must admit our days-to-Christmas-ometer does go up at the start of December. But I think there are good arguments for not decorating too early:
  1. If you do, you've given in to the shopkeepers. There was a time when no one would have decorations up this early. But as shops have pushed back the point they go into Christmas mode sooner and sooner, so houses have started to get their fairy lights out of the loft at an earlier date. I think we should stand up for our right not to be hustled into Christmas decor too soon.
  2. If you have a real tree it will be looking pretty sad by Christmas Day. This is, after all, the start of Christmas, and more to the point, the day when you are likely to spend more time in proximity to your Christmas tree than any other. Remember it has to last another 12 days after this. Get it at the start of December and it will be balding by Christmas Day.
  3. You can only sustain so much 'specialness'. If the decorations are up all through December they have become everday by the 25th. The whole point is to make Christmas special, but there's a real danger it just becomes part of the wallpaper.
So give it a thought. Let's have a campaign for a real Christmas and not an extended retail period.


  1. Brian
    The trouble is that you and I are from a different generation (or planet maybe?)so it's inevitable that there are these sticky situations around Christmas. My "rule" on Christmas trees is that we ought not to get one in the house before the 12th day before Xmas and we should have it stripped and bare again by the 12th day after - otherwise it's unspecified bad luck!

    Coincidentally today my wife came home from her school and said that it wasn't "true" that trees could only be decorated from the 13th December - they'd been talking about when everyone was putting up their trees and apparently we are the only teacher's household still treeless...

    ..well maybe that has something to do with who lives here said I in my best Scrooge accent....


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