What shall we buy Fred?

Ho, ho, ho!
I try to avoid the hard sell on my books here, but I like to think of this more as a helpful hand than a hard sell.

Every year we get faced with those difficult-to-buy-for people. You know the ones. They are often, but not always men. A pair of socks won't hack it as a present, and perfume is really not their thing. You would like to buy them a book... but don't really know what they like.

As long as they enjoy exercising their minds, you can't go wrong with a popular science book. As a particular incentive, I'm offering a range of my books at just £7.99 including first class post in the UK. What's more it'll be a signed book - always goes down well. But you have to be quick. I'm afraid it's too late for Christmas for all but UK buyers - last posting date is Thursday 20th, but for safety I would recommend getting any orders in by tomorrow, Tuesday 18th.

I've got on offer: Inflight ScienceBuild Your Own Time Machine, Gravity, Before the Big Bang, Upgrade Me and Armageddon Science. If you don't think any of those would do the trick, head over to www.popularscience.co.uk and check out the five star books for some more recommendations. But, of course, they probably won't be signed.

If you aren't giving books this Christmas... you aren't giving. (Actually that's rubbish, but I felt I should have some suitable salesy tag.) Not long to go now. We're in last minute territory. I would say 'Don't Panic!' but that's sadly inappropriate. Panic, immediately.