I'm going out and I may be some time

For reasons beyond my control (as they say) this will be my last blog post for a little while - apologies to my regular readers (both of you) - I will resume as soon as I am able.

In the good old days, when TV broadcasts used to break down, as they did with considerable regularity (it only seems to be Channel 4 these days), they used to be kind enough to play you some music while you wait. In that same spirit, I thought I might leave you for the moment with a piece of music.

I was going to give you one of my favourite Tudorbethan masterpieces, but I thought instead I'd make it this excellent example of rather more modern but still exciting choral music:


  1. Ok Clegg, you've made your point....stop throwing snowballs at the tent and come back inside!

  2. Thanks, Captain. I'm pleased to say that my temporary absence (on medical grounds) is almost over and I hope to be back on Monday.


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