Alea jacta est

I'm delighted to say that my latest book, Dice World is now available for sale. Subtitled 'science and life in a random universe', it's about randomness (well, duh), probability and statistics. It explores how the ‘clockwork universe’ imagined by Newton, in which everything could be predicted given enough data, was disproved bit by bit, to be supplanted by chaos theory and quantum physics. This is a world in which not only is accurate forecasting often impossible but probability is the only way for us to understand the fundamental nature of things.

Where else do you get a chance to meet Maxwell's Demon, Schödinger's cat and take part in an experiment using Bayesian statistics to see how a mug on my desk alters the probability of my owning a golden retriever (no, really)?

I've really enjoyed writing this book, and I hope it will be of wide interest. If you fancy buying it, it would be ideal if you could use the links below (or from my website). (Apologies if you've come here for a chance to win free books - this was on the launch date, 4 April only!)

You can see the paper version here at and the Kindle version here at The paper version is expected any moment on here (there are already some Marketplace sellers), but the Kindle version is already there on

Ooh, er, I'm all excited!

Forget the clockwork universe. Welcome to Dice World!