A different age

In my programme of scanning in old photos I have come across my first ever school photo.

Taken probably in 1960 it might as well be in the dark ages, it looks so ancient. I have no idea what happened to the others who were at Smithy Bridge Infant School in that photo - I am not in contact with any of them. Probably the usual mix of hopes fulfilled and dreams shattered.

I love that we've got several ties and a couple of sets of braces amongst the boys. And that the poses are anything but formal. That's the firm but fair Mrs Fielding in charge. And if you're interested, I'm the one with the seriously curly hair on the right hand end of the middle row.


  1. I recognize some of the faces, Brian. Colin Rothwell is in the back row, wearing a tie. Robert Ashton is 4th from left in the front row. I'm in the middle row, (3rd from left) between Colin and Robert. Carol Newton is in the middle row, fourth from right.

    Man of Mystery

    1. Thanks, Mr Mystery. I know the names of about 4 others, but many remain as mysterious as you!

  2. Brian, Somebody tells me that Man of Mystery is aka David Mitchell. I enjoy reading your articles in New Scientist, and I think you sometimes contribute to Physics World. Clegg Hall, which from memory was near the Smithy Bridge Primary School (bottom school) is another topic of interest to me. I recall visiting the place with Robert Ashton, hoping to glimpse one of the ghosts supposedly inhabiting the site. Alas, nothing eventuated .... maybe it was a hoax.

    Man of Mystery


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