Fiscal Cliff

As a popular science writer I have always had a second (working) life as a business creativity trainer. It's not uncommon for people in the field to have a second activity - apart from anything else, if you spend your whole working life teaching people to be creative and don't do anything creative yourself, you will soon lose your mojo.

A while ago, creativity expert Peter Cook invited me to do some training at one of his Open University events. In my case the 'bit on the side' of writing has taken over to be my primary activity, but Peter keeps his rock musicianship more firmly in check, despite using it directly in his training. But he has recently given it full rein by producing a rock song on the financial crisis that manages to be a little ironic (never a bad thing), thought provoking and a damn good bit of music too.

I'll be quite honest, I listened to it on YouTube out of friendship - but that's not enough to make me part with cash. I bought a copy because I liked it.

See what you think:

If you do like it, I encourage you to buy a copy in the hope we can make this unusually relevant rock song visible in the charts. You can get it at Amazon or of course from iTunes: