UPS oops

This is an ex-UPS. It is dead. It has gone to the etc. etc.
A little while ago we had a power outage while I was working on my computer. I experienced a millisecond of smugness, followed by considerably longer of serious irritation. Because I should have been able to comfortably shut down my machine and save all my working - instead the whole thing just went dead.

The reason for the brief smugness was a UPS - an uninterruptible power supply. It's essentially a very chunky extension lead that has built in both a surge protector and some heavy duty batteries which, with an inverter, keep the power going for about 15 minutes so you can sort things out without losing stuff. 

I've had one for about 10 years now, and several times it has saved me from losing parts of a masterpiece. Of course those of you who work on laptops will be saying 'That's nothing, I can work for hours when the power goes.' And indeed you can, but I prefer a desktop. It's just the way I am. New dogs, old tricks - or something. Nothing to be done about it.

So why did everything disappear (luckily without any data loss as I wasn't in mid-type)? Essentially because my ageing UPS had given up the ghost. So it has now been replaced with a shiny new one. 

Two morals, then.

1) If you work on a desktop and there's any danger of the power going out, it it really is worth investing in a UPS.

2) If you do have a UPS, be aware they don't last for ever and check it out now and again.

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