Get your shades on for my new book

 I'm really pleased I've been able to follow up my science quiz book How Many Moons does the Earth Have? with a second volume - What Colour is the Sun? It was just as much fun to write - and I hope equally enjoyable to read. What's more it's a great stocking filler - on Amazon at the moment it's just £5.49.

Although it's not how most will use it, there are two pub quiz style science quizzes in there, each with six standard rounds and two bonus rounds, which combine pictorial and puzzle solving work. However, it's written to make reading through it fun. Each of the 96 main questions has the question plus some supporting factoids on one page and the answer, plus a page of further reading on the next. So you can test yourself on each question - then find out more.

These aren't the kind of question you'd get in a science exam (thankfully) - they're more the quirky kind of questions you get on QI, with the bonus that science is right more often. So you'll find out, for instance:

  • Why do hands and feet go wrinkly in the bath?
  • What is a chiliagon?
  • What is measured in slugs?
  • Which scientific term is the most commonly used noun in written English?
  • What would win in a fight between T. rex and Godzilla?
  • Who can breath metals and still survive?
  • … and many more, including, yes, What colour is the Sun? (which QI gets wrong).

In case you are of the US persuasion, you'll be pleased to know that you don't have to suffer that weirdly spelled cover - you've got the more familiar spelling.

To give a feel for how the book works, here's one of the 'question' pages with its factoids:

... and here's the start of the answer page (there's more):

To find out more or buy in either paperback or ebook form, just pop over to the book's web page.

Warning. Shades may be needed to cope with this cover.