Wild and Game - review

Like a lot of people during lockdown, when supermarket deliveries were like gold dust, we found a number of alternative sources for food. Most of those have now gone by the wayside, but one that is a continued favourite is Wild and Game.

This is a non-profit with the aim of making game meat more accessible. Obviously not a lot of interest if you are vegan/vegetarian, but if you eat meat I'd highly recommend giving them a try. Apart from anything else, game has arguably significantly better animal welfare than other meats and tends to be lower in fat. But, to be honest, my main reason for recommending them is their products are so good.

We're particularly fans of their brilliant pat├ęs, which are up to anything you'd get in a posh restaurant, along with their sausages, burgers, various venison products and game bird fillets. If you're into pies, they also have an excellent range of these. We started with one of their variety packs, but it's we'll worth having a look around the site.

I ought to say that I don't have any affiliation with Wild and Game or make anything from this recommendation - they're just too good not to pass it on.