I am not a clothes horse

'Do you want to go clothes shopping?' she said. No. Let's be clear about this, I never want to go clothes shopping. I don't mean this in some idle threat fashion - my ideal would be never to go clothes shopping again. Ever.

I'm reminded of an ex-colleague at BA who years ago pointed out that the way a shampoo was being sold - it's so gentle you can use it every day - only appealed to one part of the market. He wanted a shampoo that was so good at its job that you only had to use it once a month. Frequency of use was, to him, not a benefit but a curse. Washing your hair, he argued, was a complete waste of valuable time.

Similarly, the clothes shopping market is split. There are those who enjoy it and those who don't. (It may be one of those male/female brain things, who knows? Note this isn't the same as male/female - a percentage of women have 'male' brains and vice versa.) As far as I am concerned my ideal wardrobe would be one with as limited a choice as possible to match my requirements, and one that would last for ever, meaning never having to go clothes shopping again. Bliss.


  1. Yes you are a fashion icon. Think - how do fashions get established? Only because people with a voice say that the next big thing is knee-length lederhosen or whatever they have cluttering up the warehouse and can't shift. Keep telling Mrs Clegg that you are a trendsetter, and that Crumpled Is The New Ironed. It's worked for me with Mrs Crox.

  2. Good thought. But I also need clothes that don't wear out, particularly trouser pockets and shirt collars.


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