Scientists can be funny. No, really.

It shouldn't really be a surprise that scientists can be funny. A fair number of comedians come from a scientific or medical background, after all. Yet, on the whole, scientists have the image of being po-faced and incapable of getting a joke, perhaps because of a tendency to over-analyze. (Oops, I've started to analyze this. Stop me.)

One group in particular has tried to counter this image. It's a company called Biocompare which offers a comparison website that's not for insurance or electrical goods but for the kind of goodies life scientists (biologists to you and me) need. They have compiled a top ten of funny videos produced by the life sciences industry as a form of viral advertising (let's face it, if life scientists can't do viral ads, who can?) You can see all 10 here, but to get a flavour, here's one of my personal favourites.


  1. Yes!! Where has he been all my life????

  2. Personally I prefer GTCA, but as with so much of your blog if you hadn't pointed out this site I wouldn't have found it. Now that I have, I can chalk up another hour to "Internet Research".

    More seriously though it's given me an idea for fund raising for the rugby club so it wasn't for nothing.

    Keep up with your pointers to new ideas please.


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