Why does vanilla get such a bad press?

I've been inspired to write this by a post by the wonderful Lynn Price in Behler Blog, where she asks 'is your main character vanilla?' She says 'I'm not a fan of vanilla.' I know what she means, but I want to stand up for vanilla.

I think it is the most fantastic flavour - subtle, yet deep. The trouble is we're used to stuff called 'vanilla ice-cream' that doesn't really taste of vanilla. Eat something with real vanilla in it and it's a different taste experience.

Go vanilla!


  1. Brian, Brian, Brian, you remain loyal because you fear change. Go out and be daring. Try putting some zing in your zang. You'll thank me. Really.

  2. Lynn, I suspect you have never really influenced the joys of proper vanilla. Otherwise, you would know it has plenty of zing. Okay, it's subtle zing - but who says that subtle is bad?


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