I love my Bite card

I don't want to be accused of being tight or anything (I'm from Lancashire, not Yorkshire) - but I do like to save money. I've recently acquired something called a Bite card, which if you regularly travel by rail is wonderful. It's free to get, and gives you 20% off at food/drink outlets on UK stations. Okay, you have to buy food and drink - but I nearly always do when I travel by train, and 20% is pretty good, when compared with the kind of interest that's around at the moment.

You can sign up for a Bite card here. I ought to say I get no benefit out of mentioning this - I just think they're genuinely handy and wanted to spread the word.

It's not perfect - you can't use it, for instance, in the Krispy Kreme shop at Paddington (shame!), but it does cover all the major outlets that you find at most stations.