The Joy of Bookshops

Stuck in Swindon for an hour, I made my usual venture into a bookshop - in this case Waterstones. As always, this brought on mixed feelings. There was the genuine pleasure of being amongst so many books, tempered by the sadness that there were few of my own books in sight. (Borders in Swindon always has a much better selection.)

I don't know why it is, but the local bookshops seem to have a positive dislike of authors. Every time I've had a book out I have written to them, and despite stocking my books, they've never bothered to respond, even with an email or call. Contrast this with the excellent branch of Waterstones at the Science Museum in London, who really make an author feel at home.

It's a shame.


  1. On my return from ScienceBloggong 08 (and other excursions), I had to wait in Manchester airport, so I also headed for the bookshops. None of my books were there, unfortunately (simply because I haven't written them yet - if they had been there I could save a lo of time by just copying what I had published). Anyway, I did find one of your book there - in the spirituality and hocus-pocus section.

    I didn't buy it - the price was written in large words (well one large word) across thye front cover, and I didn't have that much money on me.

  2. Good to hear Bob, despite the section (I can't imagine which of my books they thought suited spirituality).


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