Tantalizing first glimpse

Being a writer is a strange business. You spend ages producing a manuscript, send it off to the publisher, and then for up to a year you only get tiny glimpses of the gestation process before the actual book drops onto your doorstep in the post.

The other day I accidentally pulled up the listing of my next book Ecologic on Amazon, seeing the front cover for the first time. At least, almost the front cover, which is why I hadn't seen it before.

We were still working on the subtitle (now finalized) - and my editor was sensibly waiting until they had a version with the correct title on before showing it to me. However, whoever supplies images to Amazon clearly was less patient, so I was able to see what you see here in all its glory. I love it.

All we've got to do now (apart from getting the image changed on Amazon to the real version) is work out how to spell the title. I originally called it Eco-logic, but I prefer the way it looks on that image. Trouble is, Amazon has it listed as Eco-logic, and if you put ecologic in the search, the book doesn't appear. Books are never easy.


  1. The cover looks great! I've actually been looking for information on greenwashing lately, so I will definitely be buying your new book at some point.

  2. Thanks, Cath. It's not out until early next year, I'm afraid - hope it's worth the wait!


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