I'm a rent author!

With the paranoia that goes with my trade, I have a Google Alert set up to see who is mentioning me online. Occasionally this leads me to new and wonderful places - and I have just discovered that you can rent me (or at least my books).

The British Council has an English language library in Mumbai called mylibrary which has a really rather excellent online service - not only can you access ebooks, but you can select online physical books that you want to read. They are then delivered to your door and collected when you've finished with them. And some of my books are in there. So, for instance, here is my book for teachers, Getting Science.

Over and above the entertainment value of the juxtaposition of the word 'rent' and books, I think this is a great idea. The big pain with using libraries is getting round to going. We are so used to delivery pizzas, delivery shopping... why not a delivery library? I love it.


  1. Being utterly pedantic I would prefer my books to be delivered to my doorstep.....

  2. What if your door doesn't have a step?

  3. I like the idea - but with an obvious modification - that you could choose to buy/keep books - I hate not having things I've read to hand!

  4. Good idea, Peet - the hybrid loan and sell would be ideal.


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