Keeping safe the New Zealand way

Because of a certain book (don't worry, I'm not going to mention Inflight Science. The fact that it is now available on Kindle, or that it had a wonderful review by Alain de Botton in the Mail on Sunday will not be mentioned... damn) air flight is in my mind at the moment, so I feel it would be useful to share a couple of videos for passengers produced by Air New Zealand. There's a real problem getting people to pay attention to the safety briefing. So what did ANZ dream up? How about naked cabin crew doing the briefing? Okay, they've got body paint, but still...

Now that's quite subtle. You might not even notice they're naked. So undeterred, our friendly kiwis decided to drop subtle and go for the tasteless zone:

Ah, who said the age of sophistication in the air is dead?

Thanks to The Register for pointing out these videos.