It's wind-up-a-scientist day!

I was delighted to discover that if you put 'wind up a scientist' into Google, the very first item that comes up is my post last year on this topic. Surely definitive proof that if you want to wind up a scientist, this is the place to do it (see the old post if you want to know why this date is the second annual wind-up-a-scientist day. Actually it will tell you why it's wind-up-a-scientist day - the reason it's the second one is because last year's was the first).

The point is that scientists can take themselves a bit too seriously, something that is probably worth both celebrating and deflating.

Last year I suggested many options, but this year I'd like to focus on a theme. What's your favourite item spoofing a real scientist (not fictional ones, that's cheating)? To lead off, I'd like to provide this rather excellent Brian Cox spoof:


  1. I'm not sure this is a spoof -- it's pretty great, actually, really...tastefully done? -- but if you haven't seen/heard it, I definitely wanted to share.

    Hope you enjoy!

  2. That's very nice - as you say, not so much a spoof, more an appreciation, but very fitting for this august event.


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