Does anyone like the Eden Project?

Staring down at the domes in wonder: best bit
I feel really mean writing this. It's a bit like kicking a worthy old aunt who is very into good causes. But if I'm honest, the Eden Project is the most boring 'visitor attraction' I've ever come across. And this is from someone who was dragged round every ruined castle imaginable in my youth.

I think in part it's one of those 'not living up to the expectation' things. You stare down at the domes from up at the top  of the quarry, and it looks amazing. Superb. Like something alien that has invaded the Cornish landscape. You can't wait to see alien invaders, pod people replacing humanity. But once you've trudged round it and experienced its viciously expensive caff, it is hard not to think 'never again.'

Now I know there are people who love the place and go back again and again. And it is undoubtedly worthy. Heck, one of my books is published by Eden Project books. But no, I'm sorry. It is soooo boring.