It's time that Tories dropped the sheep costumes

I've recently had a go at religion, so on a brief tour of subjects you should never touch upon in the pub or on a blog, I'm moving on to politics.

Before I make a remark some might think is attacking the Conservative party (even though with hand on heart I can say it's not), I ought to say I am a genuine floating voter. I have voted for all three main parties in my voting lifetime. My default inclination is towards the Liberal Democrats (not just because they have a leader called Clegg), but I'm easily swayed.

Now the problem I have with the Tories is this - they are wolves in sheeps clothing, and I think they would be better off dropping the sheep costumes and saying 'there's nothing wrong with being a wolf.' Whenever anything comes up, like the recent suggestion of ex-ministers trying to make money by pretending they had influence, there is much crying from the Conservative benches about how terrible it is, the way some people are in it for what they can get. No, no, no.

Surely this is the central tenet of Conservatism. Or even capitalism for that matter. We should all be in it for what we can get. Once we've got it, yes, we should be generous in letting a good portion of it benefit others, whether through buying their goods and services or through charity. But initially, absolutely, if you are a Conservative you should be in it for what you can get. So stop whingeing, Tories, and get grafting.