Why Apple should love Netflix

Note how Netflix lurks under the iTunes Movies and TV Shows
on the default Apple TV interface layout
Some may wonder why Apple, never famous for supporting anyone else, allow Netflix, a kind of rival to iTunes, onto their Apple TV box. It might not be true, but my suspicion is that Apple is entirely aware of what you might call the Season 1 effect - and how it can positively influence their balance sheets.

Here's the thing. Netflix is a great place to consume a TV series voraciously. Once you pay your monthly subscription for Netflix you can watch as much as you like. But the service quite often doesn't have the most recent series of a programme. That's happened to us twice recently with shows that had a strong following when on 'normal' TV, but that we never got round to watching - Last Tango in Halifax from the BBC, and The Bridge from Sweden. In both cases we've cruised through season 1 on Netflix, and know that season 2 is out there - but it has already fallen off the BBC's very short iPlayer timescale. So we've ended up buying the second season on iTunes so we can keep feeding the habit.

I'm sure we can't be alone. You really get into a series, you know there's more, but Netflix hasn't got it yet, so you plunge in with the cash. (I had to do the same with Season 5 of Fringe, though for that I bought a boxed set.) And so Apple should be really pushing Netflix for all its worth. Okay, it means once something is on Netflix, Apple's sales drop off. But even so, as long as Netflix tends to be around a season behind the world, Apple will have the chance to make easy pickings.

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