Covering the Big Bang

It's cover sneak preview time again. Before the Big Bang is my new book for St Martin's Press, due out in Spring 2009. And here it is, at least in current incarnation:
The subtitle isn't quite right yet, but it gives the general impression. I think it's striking - I was a bit worried to begin with that a lot of astronomy/cosmology titles have black covers, but I'm told it really stands out at a distance on the mock-up, so fingers crossed for next May or thereabouts.


  1. Joanna (aka Arbalestier)16 November 2008 at 15:45

    That amount of black really works. Your eye is totally drawn down to the title and the galaxy behind it. It's a great bit of graphics.

    By the way - Before the Big Bang? The mind boggles!

  2. Thanks, David.

    Joanna - boggling is the hoped for response!

  3. Really striking, Brian! I like the way the 'Bang' seems to light up.


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