Google roulette

I don't think I should be too embarrassed to say that I have occasionally put "Brian Clegg" into Google. I think most people have tried searching for themselves occasionally. (I seem to remember Russell Brand (who?) saying that his name was the only thing he'd ever put into Google.)

When I do, I usually respond with a gentle sigh. Because once again I've missed the top spot. There's another Brian Clegg from my home town of Rochdale who sells art products for schools, and he always seems to beat me. A less generous person might suspect that he pays for this privilege, but I have to believe that one day I will beat him in the Google race. I can dream, can't I?

Phew. Made it through the post without mentioning Barack Obama's victory.


  1. Sue Smith ( not the footballer)5 November 2008 at 14:38

    I am beaten by a footballer, who i think I will now claim I am.

    In fact unless I put in my profession, I don't appear at all. This may be because I am not remotely well known.

    It may also be an oversight on Google's part. Mr Obamha I think would probably come up if he Googled himself

  2. If Obama can do it, so can you Brian. Oops, another Obama mention. Sorry.

  3. Yay, I Google myself every other month just to make sure there's nothing weird going on. It happened to me once that somebody in a forum without user subscription commented (lots of nonsense) under my name. I had to ask the admin to delete this crap. Also, it's sometimes really odd what pieces of information catch on.

    As things are, I don't know of anybody else with my name (and that doesn't even include middle names), meaning my blog/website shows up first hit. You decide whether that's good or bad (I'm writing applications right now, gives me second thoughts as to my online presence).

    I had a post on that sometime... ah, here it is: The Name Game.

  4. *lol*, look at this, here is what today's search brought up: somebody used one of my paintings as an illustration for an article on Tequila. It's a crazy world we're living in :-)

  5. Brian - There might be a day when I'm beating you both. ;)

  6. That sounds like a challenge Brian - I'll race you.

    (For anyone out there, I'm not talking to myself - that's another Brian Clegg, I think from sunny Canada. But I'm me.)


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