Hole punch drunk

Why is it when I receive seven pages of statements from the bank, the holes don't line up? So to file them I have to wobble them around in a tedious fashion until they fit on the binder's rings. All that technology, all that automation, yet they clearly have grannies punching the holes by hand with knitting needles. How else could they be so badly aligned?


  1. Go for online (paper-free) banking ;-) The bank's website archives your statements for you, and provides a facility for you to download them direct from their site into various applications like MS Money - or at least my bank does so I presume they all do - though that last bit is a bit high-tech for me.

  2. Maxine - I do do (do do?) online banking, but I have this vague and probably incorrect idea that as a company director I have to keep both company and personal accounts in paper form for 6 years...


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