Should chocolate buttons be legal?

I have a very serious matter to consider here. Since it's almost Christmas (sorry, that robin's out there again. Honestly.) I have to consider the suspicious addictiveness of Cadbury's chocolate buttons. (Especially the giant ones.)

Why are they so irresistable? Surely we need an investigative journalist to look into this. They must be putting something naughty in them.

It's also highly important you eat them the right way.

For me it has to be two at a time, with at least one curved edge facing the other button. That way, when you bite there is an irresitable crack of thin chocolate planes fracturing against each other in the mouth.

Forget your 70% cocoa solids rubbish. Ditch your oozing-with-milk Swiss confectioners' frippery. Dispose of anything that has had sight of a 'chocolatier'.

Give me Cadbury's buttons every time.

Normal service will be restored tomorrow.


  1. Oh. My. Dog. I have never seen a Cadbury Button - do they sell those in the US? If not, I would be willing to hop a plane for the UK just so I could let one of those little beauties melt on my little pink tongue. Clegg, you've ruined me.

  2. Lynn - I don't know if they're available in the US. We'll have to smuggle some out...

  3. Buttons are my FAVORITE!!
    the white chocolate ones are best...find them in British food stores and sometimes cost plus....although the british ones are better...cost plus sells the australian made brand


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