What do authors want for Christmas?

Apologies that Christmas seems to be cropping up rather a lot at the moment. Can I help it that there's a robin sitting on the branch outside my window at the moment?
Sorry about the shaky photo - it's too dark really, and taking through glass I couldn't use flash, but I wanted to prove it really is there.

As it's all the robin's fault (the robin made me do it), I feel quite happy telling you about a rather nice series of posts appearing on the Transworld blog, Between the Lines. They've asked various authors what they would like for Christmas. Here's Monday's entry, which includes Andy McNab, Joanne Harris, Jilly Cooper and John O'Farrell. Watch out all week for more of these entertaining musings.


  1. I guess this means you want a tripod for your camera for Christmas.

  2. No, Bob, I've got a tripod, but the robin didn't look like it was going to stay around long enough for me to go to the cupboard, get it, assemble things and take a nice steady shot (this proved the case).

    I thought it was more important to have genuine on-the-spot reporting than a crisp, well focussed photo that was taken three weeks before. It really was taken in between lines of typing the blog.

    It's interesting - we accept that sort of fuzziness as part of the art in painting. No one says 'that Monet ought to have got himself a tripod'. But in photography it just looks a mess. Strange.


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