A new website is born

Small fanfare of trumpets. I'd like to announce the arrival of a new website, www.universeinsideyou.com - like most babies, it doesn't do much at the moment. In fact it's just a placeholder really. It may gurgle occasionally, but no nappies are involved.

The website is for the followup to Inflight Science. The Universe Inside You uses your own body as a vehicle to explore everything from quantum theory to the workings of the brain.

The book won't be out until next April, but when it is published, like Inflight Science it will feature a range of experiments to try out. By putting some of these onto the website, they can be made more interactive and (hopefully) interesting.

The other thing the website will bring is links to find out more about other books where you can read more on a topic you've got a taster of in the book.This was something several reviews of Inflight Science said would be useful.

For the moment, though, it's just an opportunity to take a better look at the cover than the small version above. I rather like the cover - it matches the cover of the new paperback version of Inflight Science, out on 5 January, of which there's a sneak preview below:


  1. Hurray. Another book to add to my Brian Clegg shelf. And how nice of you to publish one about the body just when I'm writing about medicine :-)

  2. Sounds like another great idea for a book, Brian!

  3. Congratulations Brian. Looks interesting

  4. Thanks all - but bear in mind this one isn't out until next April. Before that, there's How to Build a Time Machine (aka Build Your Own Time Machine), which will be with us at the end of the year...


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