Don't go to Bicester!

We're lucky, living in Swindon having a designer outlet centre on our doorstep, but we thought we'd give the Bicester equivalent a try. What a nightmare.

I have never been in such a badly laid out car park. No indication how to get to the upper level, no idea if the lanes were one way (some people clearly thought so from 5 near collisions).

The 'village' itself has no maps up, just paper ones. And catering was ludicrous - vastly under supplied. You either queued just to get in or sat outside in the rain.

Ok the shops were ok (though I hate the way the staff keep speaking to you - if I want help I'll ask for it), but mostly too small and crowded.

Won't be coming here again.


  1. The Clarks shop in particular is like the seventh circle of Hell. Can you imagine working there, crawling round picking up sweaty shoes discarded by rich foreign tourists? Yuk.

  2. Blimey, either things have changed of late, or I'm terribly unobservant - the last time I was there the car park was just a huge ground level open tarmac'ed lump - have they built a multi storey one now then?

    Also, you ought to complete the triad now - and have a look at the Clark's Outlet near Glastonbury.

    P.S. it's peet here. Trying to verify with my Google ID but it keeps wanting me to create a blogger account.

  3. There were two bits that had two stories, as well as a ground level bit, Peet. They're down the far end - perhaps you never got that far. Or perhaps they are so new that they haven't painted the markings on the roads yet.

    BTW that post was written on my phone, standing outside a shop in the rain, which may have helped with the bile, and explains the brevity.


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