So good they named him twice

I get plenty of unsolicited emails because my email address is publically available on a website. I don't mind too much because just occasionally amongst the dross I get an email that gives me so much pleasure that it's worth the drudgery of sweeping away the rubbish. And one came today.

The image to the right is the opening of the email. In it we learn that William O'Connor (I presume that is he in the photo):
boasts over 30 years in active mediumship and psychic consultations with a wide array of achievements including TV and Radio. William has been active in the spiritualist movement in Scotland for many years not to mention psychic floor shows in front of large audiences.
What's more:
William and his psychics will be at the Body & Soul Fair at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on 25th and 26th February. Our psychics will be available to provide private readings, 20 minutes for £30.
Demand is sure to be high so book your reading now, for a time which suits you!
Just in case you get too excited, though, I ought to point out that your psychic reading on the phone is not by the psychic psychic himself, but instead you will be connected 'to a psychic who is fully trained and mentored by William O'Connor.' A sort of homeopathic psychic.

I was going to every so slightly poke fun at this email, but really I don't need to. It does the job without help. Similarly I had considered putting in a proviso that by mentioning this, I in no way endorse it, because in my opinion some psychics are frauds, some are totally genuine in their belief but deluded - but to be honest I don't need to do that either. I trust too much in the intelligence of my readership. Instead, then, I intend to roll about the floor laughing at the concept of a psychic reading taking place on a meter at 80p a minute. Exuse me while I ROFL.


  1. I can read your mind, but since I am very busy, I have trained 28 cats who act as surrogate mind readers and 'missionaries' of my own overpowering skills in this area. They work by text.


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