Hip pip USA

It's quite popular to knock the USA. And there is no doubting that politics there has got into an awful mess, and from Europe it's very difficult to understand why there is such an aversion to universal health care, or such a love for the gun. But I feel in our relationship with America we are in danger of falling into that dangerous trap of relationships where you always spend time niggling and pointing out fault and never find time to say how great the other person is. 

I say this because we shouldn't forget there's a lot to like about America. Pretty well every American I've met has been a warm, friendly, helpful person, and I'm delighted to count a lot of Americans among my online friends and/or readers of my books. 

There's a lot to be said too for American culture. We might moan about Hollywood's attitude to the rest of the world and occasional schlockiness, but the fact is the US makes some great films, music, TV shows and more. You won't hear me moaning about Halloween or school proms being imported over here - I think they work well and are fun. And no one could doubt the huge contribution the US has made to science and technology.

Then there's American food. I love a proper hamburger, good Tex Mex is probably amongst favourite cuisine... And I could go on at length. (Of course there are aberrations like US chocolate and spray cheez (sic), but I'm talking about the good US food).

So don't just point out the problems, inevitable with any foreign affair. Remember the good side of the United States as well.

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