A great guide to some classic SF

Younger readers may not have come across some of the classics of science fiction, so I'm grateful for Pete Young for assembling around 250 reviews of these great books in issues 3 and 4 of his fanzine Big Sky. (There are a couple of my reviews in issue 3, though that's not why I'm recommending this.) Specifically, these reviews cover the books that were re-issued in the excellent Gollancz SF Masterworks series.

To be honest, I've never been a great enthusiast for the whole fan fiction/fanzine scene, because time is limited and I haven't enough to read all the 'real' stuff without getting onto the fan work, however good it is. But I have to say these are good quality productions (best read on a tablet, I suspect) and free too, so well worth a look.

You can download Big Sky from http://efanzines.com/bigsky/index.htm