Apple drops a thunderbolt

I'm what you might call a middling fan of Apple. I use Apple products, for which I think it's worth paying a premium. I've had so much more fun with my iMac than any PC, and after over 3 years it is still running well, unlike every PC I've ever had.

However, I'm not a total Apple fanboi - I couldn't justify buying an Apple Watch (though I'd be very happy to have one if Apple would like to give me one) and similarly I've never seen the point of buying an Apple Thunderbolt monitor. Admittedly they're stylish and sit well alongside an iMac, but at £899 for a 27" screen, they are only on the shopping list of those with more money than sense. When I got a second screen for the Mac, I never thought of lashing out even half as much.

So, although it's sad in a way, it's no surprise that Apple appears to be dropping its monitors - most Apple products, though expensive, can at least justify that expense because of what they do and are. But, frankly, a monitor is a monitor. As long as it's reasonably quality, it's spec that matters, not the badge. In effect they were a luxury brand selling into a commodity market. Let's hope this decision means they will concentrate on making what they do really well even better.