Domain dangers

These days most authors have websites. I have to confess to a mind-splitting eight (though to be fair, they aren't all about me and my work). I'll take a look at them here someday, but that's not what this post is about.

This morning in the mail I received a nice, offical looking document. It starts like this:

Harmless enough. However plenty of people would take up their offer to renew. And here's the snag. They aren't the people who handle my domain name registrations. They are just taking advantage of the public information available with any website to try to fish for business. They may well legitimately re-register the website for me (though there's no guaranteeing this)... but they aren't the people who actually register my site.

What were the give-aways? The postmark was Jamaica, which seems a little odd for a company that expects you to send your payment to a UK address. The company appears to be American - yet my domain is registered through a UK company. Oh, and unfortunately they got the renewal date wrong, using out-of-date records. If you get a request to renew that isn't from your ISP, or whoever handles your domains, don't pay it - query it with the people who handle things for you. It may well be a scam.


  1. Yep Brian,

    I got the same letter yesterday. I got a similar one about a year ago from the same company.

    Certainly appears to be phishing spam.

  2. I can just imagine lots of businesses not really bothering to read the detail and just paying up.


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