Over Here

My latest book Upgrade Me is now available in the UK.

It's a strange business, the international book market. Putting translations aside, just the different English speaking markets are downright confusing. Upgrade Me is published by St Martins Press, a US company. They have world rights, which means they can sell it in any country, but what they would normally do to sell in the UK is set up an arrangement with a UK publisher and have them produce a version. This time, though, they are selling direct into the UK. Confused? I certainly am.

I'm really pleased with Upgrade Me. It's based on the idea that, though human beings haven't evolved biologically in 100,000 years, we have transformed ourselves into something that is functionally entirely different to the basic, non-upgraded human. I suggest this originates from our self-awareness. When we became able to think outside the here and now, to think 'what if?' and to consider the future (and our future mortality), it gave us the spur to begin transforming ourselves, something that really defines what it is to be human. These upgrades go from the very simple - wearing clothes, carrying a water bottle - to the sort of sophisticated hi-tech upgrades available through performance enhancing drugs and the implantation of electronics.

If you'd like to read more about Upgrade Me or buy a copy, see its web page.