There's nothing like a challenge

I love science, but I recognize it has its limitations, and one is that, Large Hadron Collider apart, it lacks a certain glamour. So I am looking forward to this morning's work with a certain sense of awe.

Someone has asked me 'Can you think of a way to, say, sex up the sound of physics.' Hmm. Nothing like a challenge to make a Friday more interesting.


  1. Nice try, but I was tasked with coming up with a snappy one-liner that would make someone really excited to find out more about (say) quantum physics or relativity...

  2. ... oh, and I was under the impression that the equivalence principle is a classic example of a false premise that resulted in someone coming up with an excellent piece of work. It's what triggered Einstein to come up with the (brilliant) general relativity, but it's not actually true in his example of an elevator (you cunningly get around it by refering to an infinitesimally small place, but of course no real elevator is infinitesimally small). Sorry - digression, but you started it!


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