Which to put off first?

A lot of writers wish they could write full time. It certainly has a lot going for it - the freedom to choose when you do what, the time to think. But bear in mind it also means being self employed. Of itself, this isn't a bad thing either. I've been working for myself (technically for a company of which I'm the managing director) for over 10 years now, and you won't find me volunteering to go back to a 'real job.'

But it has its downside too. At the moment I'm trying to decide which to do first. The VAT (sales tax) or the company accounts. Or rather, which should I put off first. After all, I've a telephone interview this afternoon. That clearly needs preparing for. And I've some editing work to do. Maybe I can get away with just starting the accounts... Sigh.


  1. Why don't you write a blog post inste...


  2. All I will say is that I think you have made exactly the right decision, not to return to taking an employer's dollar.

    Incidentally, you have your settings organised so that the only people who can comment on this blog are those with a Blogger account or those with an Open ID. If you change one preference in "settings" you will allow the rest of the world to comment also ;-)

  3. Thanks Maxine, I'll change it - I'm still new to this blogging technology stuff.


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