The Bulgarian connection

I still can't quite believe that I recently appeared on Bulgarian TV. Speaking in Bulgarian. (Sort of.) It was all rather surreal.

The interview took place via Skype, between me, sitting at my desk in my office and the glamorous presenter, Sophia Tzavella, in a sizeable serious TV studio.

We discussed various weird aspects of science in English. They have then dubbed over us (presumably Sophia dubbed herself) in Bulgarian, so you hear the voice of a suitably scientific sounding Bulgarian actor.

If you would like to take a look at me in action, it's available online here. I'm on from about 7 minutes 17 seconds, but I particularly like the shot at 8 minutes 4 seconds (screenshot on the left) which shows the studio in all its glory with me on a big screen in the background.

All in all a fascinating experience!


  1. Brian

    Can you check the link please? I'm not sure how to locate your broadcast....

  2. The link is correct, but where earlier it had a video window in the middle of the page it now just has a chunk of text. Not sure if it will reappear!

  3. I wondered what had gone wrong in your usual impeccable referencing...I can see the reference to you on the broadcast on 3 Jan but the video is only of your friend's introduction - unfortunately my Bulgarian is not quite up to the interpretation required.

    You look good though!


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