Just go away

Two words. Scottish independence. Please.

I'm sorry, I have no interest in keeping the Scots in the Union. The sooner they break off the better. Just think about it. No more Alex Salmond on UK television. It's worth it for that alone. No more Scottish MPs at Westminster. (It would be interesting if we had as few MPs of Scottish origin as they have MPs of English origin in the Scottish parliament. BTW, isn't Cameron a Scottish name?)

No more subsidies. No more need to fund postmen and medics and other vital services to go all the way to the Highlands and Islands. No more whingeing from Scottish politicians. (Actually there would be plenty of it, but hopefully it wouldn't make it onto our news.) Of course we'd lose out on North Sea Oil revenues - but it would be worth it. As would the mangling of the Union flag.

But please make it all or nothing. Any further devolution is no help. We'd STILL have all the whingeing. Still have their MPs at Westminster. And still see Alex Salmond.

It worked with the Americans. We've got on well with them (on the whole) since we've split. Please, let's have Scottish independence, sooner rather than later.


  1. ..and they'll need a separate currency which, for the sake of the argument, we can call the Scottish Drachma.

  2. Very good. Alaistair Darling on the Today programme this morning was asking 'Is it in Scotland's best interest to leave the UK?' Why isn't anyone asking 'Is it in England's best interest for Scotland to leave the UK?'?

  3. Would we need passports? I ask because I live near the border and often shop in Scotland - and borrow library books.

    Actually I just wish it was all settled -like you I'm fed up with it all and think that probably most of the Scots are too. And why don't the English have a say too?

  4. I doubt it. I presume an independent Scotland would be like the Republic of Ireland - no border checks.


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