Sticky fun

I get sent a lot of press releases, most of which go in the electronic bin within 2 seconds. (In some ways I really miss the old days when I used to get paper press releases through the mail, some of which were really creative. Though there was a lot of fuss, as I recall, about one computing company that sent out a release with lots of tiny pieces of paper that flew all over the floor when you opened the envelope. But I digress.) Occasionally, however, I get one worthy of note.

This one was about cover stickers for Apple MacBooks (other laptops exist, but apparently they aren't worthy of stickers). Now, I ought to come out straight away in 'Ba, humbug!' mode, because I think stickers look absolutely terrible on laptops. It's fine if you're six, but if you are 16 or older, it's time you grew out of it. It just looks a mess. I don't mind a tasteful shell, but no stickers, okay?

However, if you insist on tarting up your beautiful and expensive hardware with paper or plastic tat, a 'virtual design studio' called DesignCrowd has run a contest to design 'useful stickers' and apparently Apple has officially endorsed them being used on MacBooks. So here are some of the best 'decals' (as our US cousins like to think of them), according to DesignCrowd and/or their PR agency:

Hmm... a multiplication table. Really useful if you lose the calculator app.

Ah yes, reminders of the Photoshop shortcuts. Mind you, even better if they had been printed back to front so you could read them in a mirror while you work because, guys, you can't see the back of the computer when you use it!

Periodically useful. Geddit? One teensy problem - about half the elements are missing.

Somehow, this appeals to me most. Perhaps it's the simplicity. And the thought of flinging a £1000 laptop around to use it as a ruler.

No, totally loses me, this one. Just weird.

Interesting, certainly... but surely there could be something more imaginative? How about, for instance, a sticker that makes it look like you are seeing through the lid. Or... no, stop me. I don't want any stickers, and that's the end of it.